Borgo San Pietro

We are in Liguria,
tied to our land and the traditions
that bind us to it

HISTORY OF Borgo San Pietro

We have received from our ancestors a portion of paradise

The property extends to the limits of the Mediterranean maquis and includes a large olive grove, a large area reserved for fruit trees and vast areas of meadowland, once fodder for animals. The reed thicket hides a spring water spring near which, in springtime, the delicious wild herbs called 'prebuggiun' can be gathered. The settlement was made up of several farmhouses that were over a hundred years old but had never stopped carrying out their agricultural-pastoral function, when the need was felt to provide for a total renovation. The main building was thus divided into flats, each of which was provided with a spacious open-air area, partly paved and partly left to nature. All that was missing from the enchantment of the colours and lights of the sun and night was the sparkle of water, and so the swimming pool was built. The work is not yet finished, there is still a lot to be done, and we look forward to your suggestions. We look forward to your suggestions and wish you a happy holiday!

Borgo San Pietro

The philosophy of the farm

Our farm philosophy is based on love for the land and respect for the environment. We use sustainable farming techniques that preserve biodiversity and promote healthy soil.

We cultivate our olives with care and dedication, we have minimised harvesting and processing times to ensure an oil with an intense flavour and beneficial properties. Not only olive trees, we also have a small vineyard, and we will let you taste our honest red wine.